P Train’s California BBQ Sauces draw from the unique culture and flavors that are available in California, from the spicy flavors that originated in the Far East, South American and African cultures to the complexity of flavors that originated in the Mediterranean. You will find the flavor and texture of all our sauces to be quite complex complete and delicious.

Great Tasting BBQ has never been so easy, simply grill your meats and add your favorite P Train’s California Sauce and serve. You guests will be thrilled and so will you.

P Train's BBQ Sauce (2 Pack)

P Train’s Original BBQ Sauce is a tomato base, sweet savory barbecue sauce that will add a full body of flavor to your favorite meat and veggie dishes. We have taken all natural fresh locally grown California products and blended them together to enhance any barbecue dish.

P Train’s original barbecue sauce goes great on ribs, chicken, chops, hamburgers, hot links, barbecue meatloaf, barbecue baked beans and the list goes on.

For those of you who like your sauces on the side. P Train’s Original California BBQ Sauce is a rich smooth sauce that is perfect as a dipping sauce.

This includes two 15 fl oz bottles off P Train’s Original BBQ Sauce.


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