Pat P Train Patterson

Pat "P Train" Patterson President & Founder

Pat Paterson is the epitome of a man with who won’t let go of his dream. It all began at age 10 when Pat a Minnesota native with a hunger for BBQ asked his mom to let him experiment with making his own sauce. His mom a single parent with 2 boys, Pat and his brother Jason agreed and allowed Pat to experiment with sauces. The first sauces where really alterations of preexisting brands that Pat combined to change the flavor in a quest to add a little “zing” of his own to the flavor of his meals.

In JR High Pat met Buddy and Mike Mitchell, and they became fast friends. Buddy’s dad George Mitchell, was a BBQ sauce creator who had his own blend of ingredients to create a sauce that he later sold under the name, Mitchell’s BBQ Sauce. The sauce was so sweet that Pat would eat it on bread. “It had a good full flavor but with a real sweetness to it, and I couldn’t get enough.” Pat recalls. Pat asked for the recipe but Mr. Mitchell wasn’t willing to share his future product, so at age 15 Pat started trying to copy it so he could eat it at home.

In his quest to duplicate the taste Pat happened upon a TV show that explained how to make your own Ketchup. Using this as his base Pat experimented until he developed what is now known as P Train’s California BBQ Sauce, his own original BBQ sauce… at age 15.

This BBQ Sauce became the staple for all Pat’s BBQ meals, but the flavor wasn’t consistent until a college friend suggested he actually write down the ingredients and the measurements so that he could duplicate the exact flavor experience he wanted to share.

Pat played football at the University of Colorado, when he returned to California at age 22 Pat started coaching high school football where he incorporated the life lessons of team work and dedication that he learned from college football.

Pat has enjoyed being a strong male influence for many of the guys on his teams over the years and BBQ has also played its part. At the beginning of one season he had the idea that he would motivate the team with a free BBQ for hitting certain mile stones over the season. He would start out with links, chicken and hamburgers, but if they won the league they would get ribs. It was the combination of his two great loves (football and BBQ) and the reaction of the kids that made Pat realize that he could make this as a product that would sell.

So he started canning his own sauce to give it as Christmas presents and gifts. Again Pat received great feedback but the canning process was cost prohibitive. He needed to find a better way to make up each batch and label it if he was going to be able to sell it in stores.

It was a chance meeting with a food distributor that opened that door. When the time was right the distributor helped Pat put the last pieces in place so that you can enjoy P Train’s California BBQ Sauce as it is today. It’s the fulfillment of a dream but also the beginning of a larger one… putting California on the map for great tasting BBQ.

Pat & Family with Magic Johnson

Pat didn’t have a father growing up. Because of this he realizes how important being a father is. Pat is married to his wife Buff and they have 6 children. He also gives back to the kids he coaches. By being a Coach it allows Pat to be a father figure to kids who like him may not have a strong male influence in their life.

So does the “P Train” in P Train’s California BBQ Sauce come from combining Pat’s first initial with his converted 1850’s Steam Train BBQ Pit? “No, it was actually a nickname my high school basketball coach gave me because of my playing style. He said that once I got going full speed with the ball it was like a locomotive entered the game. I always liked that!” says Pat, and it’s the same philosophy Pat applies to life.

If you are looking to try something uniquely California on your grill to impress your taste buds, family or guests. look no further than P Train’s California BBQ – and Taste What’s New in BBQ!