California Style BBQ

What is California Style BBQ?

California Style BBQ is a term that we believe best sums up the experience you will experience at P Train’s. The California hybrid style takes the very best of great American BBQ tradition, (Texas, Memphis, Kansas City, the Carolinas), and blends it with the diverse ethnic flavors that are an every day part of the California experience, creating a uniquely California barbecue taste.

The California food cultural is heavily influenced by our multi-ethnic population and provides a vast array of flavors to draw from. P Train’s sauces, rubs, and marinades are a reflection of this, with each product packed full of flavor from the freshest California grown produce and natural ingredients and blended with seasonings and spices to insure that every bottle of P Train’s sauce brings the unique taste of the golden state right into your home.

But we haven’t stopped there, how about California Smoked Pizza?

California-style pizza was invented more or less simultaneously in 1980 by Ed LaDou (the “Prince of Pizza”), then working as pizza chef for Spectrum Foods’ Prego Restaurant in San Francisco’s Cow Hollow neighborhood, and by pizza chefs working for Alice Waters at the Chez Panisse cafe in Berkeley, California.

Wolfgang Puck was so impressed with Ed’s pizza that he hired him as head chief at  his famous Spago Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA. Ed’s California style pizza’s inspired such restaurants as The California Pizza Kitchen, which also specializes in California gourmet pizzas.

P Train’s has a new chapter to this tale by smoking gourmet pizzas on an outdoor grill. Giving the cheese, toppings and especially the crust a rich smokey flavor that will tantalize your taste buds through every bit.

If that wasn’t enough, how about California Hot Wings?

In 1964 at Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York, the first Buffalo (hot wings) were served and are now found almost everywhere across the USA. At P Train’s we thought we would give hot wings our own twist. Buffalo wings are typically deep fried, but California is the land of healthy eating and living, so we cook our wings on a BBQ grill.

P Train has been grilling our hot wings and serving them with our very own sweet spicy sauce for nearly 20 years.

P Train’s is excited to share the California goodness with those who love great BBQ and have a pallet for something new. We believe that you will really enjoy our tasty Original California BBQ Sauce and Spicy Hot Wing Sauce as well as our gourmet smoked pizzas.

For more information on our products please feel free to contact us by phone or by email through our contact page.

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