P Trains BBQ & Hot Wing Sauce.

P Train's BBQ Family EventP Train’s Original California BBQ Sauce is the secret ingredient that makes every BBQ a hit!

Our tomato base, sweet savory barbecue sauce will add a full body of flavor to your favorite meat and veggie dishes. We have taken all natural fresh locally grown California products and blended them together to enhance any barbecue dish.

P Train’s original barbecue sauce goes great on ribs, chicken, chops, hamburgers, hot links, barbecue meatloaf, barbecue baked beans and the list goes on.P Train's California BBQ Sauce

For those of you who like your sauces on the side. P Train’s Original California BBQ Sauce is a rich smooth sauce that isperfect as a dipping sauce.

Need a recipe idea? Visit our Recipes Page for several tasty options. Purchase P Train’s Original California BBQ Sauce.

P Train's California BBQ PartySpice up your next BBQ with P Train’s California Hot Wing Sauce.

This is California’s version of Buffalo Wing Sauce. Like traditional Sauce our California Wing Sauce has a red pepper & Vinegar base, but that is where the similarities end. We have created a Unique Blend of “Sweet Heat” that is followed by a flavorful layer of garlic from Gilroy California.

P Train’s all natural Hot Wing Sauce not only tastes great on California grilled hot wings, also try it on eggs, breakfast burritos, stir fry, egg rolls, chilli and much more. Your imagination is the limit.P Train's California Hot Wing Sauce

If you prefer your sauce on the side P Train’s California Hot Wing Sauce is a great dipping sauce too.

You can get some recipe idea’s from our recipe page. Purchase P Train’s California Hot Wing Sauce.